Friday, June 23, 2017

Making America "Great" Again - the Senate Healthcare Bill

Everyone who thinks the new healthcare bill the senate came up with will be benign....or a wash...or better than Obamacare should really take the time to watch this video by the Young Turks.  They take it apart...piece by piece. Yes, they are progressives...but they give you a look see into how disastrous this bill really is.

It decreases required coverage, they can charge older people up to five times as much as younger cuts Medicaid, not only to the people accused of playing the system but also to low income seniors (like my mom who, in spite of working hard her entire life, needed Medicaid to supplement her Medicare coverage) The most potentially devastating part of the bill is the reintroduction of lifetime or annual caps. Meaning they can just stop paying for your care after you reach a certain limit....either annually or lifetime.

Healthy, young people will be least until they are diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness.

As this video points out, the bill does not allow exclusion for pre-existing conditions, however the workaround...the assurance that the insurance companies will never have to dig too deep into their profits is the lifetime/annual limits thing.

It is disgusting. It is immoral. It is just one of the reasons that the US...the greatest nation in the world...was recently classified number 18, a second tier country, on the social progress index. You can read about it here and here.

This bill also gives a big tax cut to the wealthiest Americans. Oh...but don't worry. I'm sure it will trickle down to the rest of us......

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bernie being Bernie....on Trumpcare

Take twelve minutes of your time....far right, far left and everyone in between those two polar opposites to listen to Bernie lambast the Republican healthcare bill that has been put together in total secrecy. This bill will hurt members of every flavor and degree of political leaning. And it has been comprised in secret with a fraction...less than a fraction.... of the scrutiny of Obamacare.

The sheer hypocrisy of the Republicans who were so vocal about the "secrecy" surrounding Obamacare but are totally okay with what is going on now is disgusting.

“It's simply wrong for legislation that'll affect 100% of the American people to be negotiated behind closed doors,” Mike Pence - January 13, 2010.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Sometimes they do speak out.....

I've heard people call out non extremist muslims for not reporting the radicalized members of their community. Well, it turns out that the Manchester bomber was reported at least five times by concerned friends and his mosque. He was banned from his mosque for his reaction to a sermon by the iman about non-extremist views. The mosque also reported him to authorities. This was not in the US of course...but I wonder how many times these warnings go unheeded and are not acted upon here, too. Here is the article that talks about the five missed opportunities.

Update...HERE is another good article about this

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Quote of the day....."between bites of wiener-schnitzel"

"It is the responsibility of every single one of us to not tolerate this. I know it sounds dramatic but I believe in it," Fair says. "In 1932, some German people were probably saying between bites of wiener-schnitzel, 'this is some f*cked up shit,' and then didn't do anything."

That is a quote by C. Christine Fair....a Georgetown University professor who interrupted Richard Spencer's workout at the gym to confront him about his alt-right very public neo nazi views.

You can read about the whole encounter in this buzzfeed article.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Same shit, different day. Take a look at this shortish vox article to see if you can pick out any parallels between our bigoted yesteryears and our bigoted todays....

100 years ago, Americans talked about Catholics the way they talk about Muslims today

Also notice how we, as a country with the unofficial feel good about ourselves slogan about tired/poor/ huddled masses, have historically been against letting in refugees fleeing countries where atrocities against them are taking place. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Deflecting Blame…

Matthew was in kindergarten. Beth was four. We lived in Tennessee in a house with a lot of knotty pine paneling. One day I noticed that in the hallway by the laundry room…leading into the kitchen… in big, messy, bold letters….the name “Beth” etched into the wall.

She denied it. Matthew denied it. Emily was not a suspect because the etching was too high and her writing skills were not that developed.

The evidence seemed to point to Beth. But lo and behold, after much intense interrogation….the truth finally came out.

Matthew was the culprit. He used Beth’s name….etched it at an appropriate height….because….who knows why. To get her in trouble. Because he wanted to take a thumbtack to the paneling and scrawling “Matthew” seemed too obvious. Scratching “Beth” deflected the blame from him to her.

So, I’m not saying that this little story illustrates anything about the current happenings in Washington. But I am also not saying that this little story does not illustrate everything about the current happenings in Washington. I see parallels.

I see deflection. I see blame shifting. I see diversion. And without much proof other than conspiracy theory websites to back it up.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Enough Rope to Hang Himself With - Trump’s latest Twitter moment

Over on my other blog...It’s Personal, I just posted about the latest Trump media event...the accusation that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. There are lots of links in one handy blog post if you are interested in reading a bit more about the crazy situation.