Sunday, September 8, 2013

Not All Like That....

I came upon the N.A.L.T website today, via Facebook. N.A.L.T is the acronym for Not All Like That. It is a joint venture of Truth Wins Out  and John Shore, progressive author/blogger. It is inspired by the  It Gets Better Project.  In videos, gay affirming Christians tell why they believe the way they do. They don't want to be lumped in with the loud evangelical voices going on and on about the erosion of the family, the gay agenda, and the slippery slope that will lead to laws ensuring all kinds of perversions, including the right to marry your dog if you have a mind to. 

There are too many Christians who feel it is their right...even their defend themselves against what they perceive as Christian persecution. The gay marriage issue is one of the venues this view is heard loud and clear. The annual war against Christmas is another great example. Every year countless Christians get all worked up about trees and parades and greetings that don't specifically use the word C.H.R.I.S.T.M.A.S.

 As if Christmas was a Christian holiday to begin with...! I've written about the Christmas wars here on this blog several times.

 I commend the  folks (54 or so and counting) who've put their beliefs out there for the world to see. I communicate best in written form. I trip over my own tongue when I try to talk..out loud..about sensitive issues. I haven't been shy about proclaiming  I've got a problem with street preachers who show up at pride events to shout about hell fire and damnation or those who espouse the dog-eared cliche "love the sinner, hate the sin." I've got a problem with the "put Christ back in Christmas warriors" and with every Christian who thinks it is their right to force their beliefs and interpretation of scripture on others. I've seen it said on Facebook (so I know it has to be true) "Disagreeing with your beliefs is not persecution." 

And to those who have been hurt or bullied by mean-spirited, self righteous Christians, I can only affirm that we are "not all like that."