Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas Everyone....from the Obama's...?

The other day, a conservative leaning friend of mine at work sent me a meme that showed Trump photoshopped into the oval office...sitting at the president’s desk. He had a conversation bubble above his head with the words, “Welcome back, gentlemen.” You can see below who he is talking to….

He sends stuff like this to me all the time. I am on the satirical political meme mailing list. There is no offense between us even though I lean left and he leans right. My friend and I see eye to eye on a lot of things (and really, I think he is more of a moderate than a conservative) and I don’t take offense and he doesn’t take offense. Funny how that can you can be friends even when you see things from a different political perspective. (If you show respect for each other’s opinion)

The meme totally gets its point across but it does not portray the truth. I know that many on the right...evangelical Christians, Bill O’Reilly...and most of the Fox News crew.. believe that the present administration has tried to scrub all references to Christmas from our vocabulary. You know the War on Christmas thing…

So when I came upon a cut and paste video of Obama through the years of his administration saying “Merry Christmas” a dozen or so times, it captured my attention. And so I went googling and you tubing and low and behold, I found actual videos that prove Obama has said Merry Christmas and expressed the sentiments you might expect a Christian to express MANY TIMES. In fact, he acted was actually OKAY to say Merry Christmas. Not just now that Trump is the president elect...but back then….when he was the “reigning” president; back when according to many right wing sources all references to Christmas were taboo.
He says it in many (most...all) of his Christmas addresses to the nation. He says it in speeches. He wishes everyone the joy of the season.

Not sure if those who are fighting the Christmas war never heard this stuff….or couldn’t/wouldn’t hear it. There is that eyes that won’t see/ears that won’t hear saying that the “reason for the season” (one of the two gentlemen that Trump is welcoming back)...talked about in the New Testament. And Jeremiah talked about it before him.

So thanks to Slate for this 2015 video...and check out You Tube for some of Obama’s Christmas addresses to the nation HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE….

The last "HERE" links to Obama's 2016 Christmas address from earlier today....

Merry Christmas everyone...and God bless us..every one.....