Friday, November 12, 2010

There are no clean hands in this quarrel…

I came upon a series of articles on Huffington Post…

I know many consider Huffington Post a very left wing website…with the likes of Brian Mclaren, Shane Claiborne, Tony and Bart Campolo, Jim Wallis etc. posting there.  But they make some very good points about important, divisive issues…and upon further pondering…and research…and surfing the internet…and more pondering…..a series has been birthed. 

There are no clean hands in this Christian / Muslim dialogue. Many Christians cry out against terrorism (and well we should all condemn acts of terrorism) but as my cyber bud annie is fond of saying….pot…meet kettle. That is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. Atrocities have also been committed by followers of the Hebrew God down through the ages…a fact many Christians ignore in their condemnation of Islam.

Those who have never even leafed through the Quran, proclaim the holy book of Islam a book of hate that promotes…demands…violence against those of other faiths.  They’ve taken to heart short, snappy little excerpts repeated over and over like, “Kill the Infidel” without acknowledging that their own holy book…the Bible…also seems to promote violence, war, sacrifice, genocide and a whole host of other unsavory behaviors. When taken at face value, of course. 

I found a quote in an article on the Grove Report Website written by Theresa McCune.  I love the following…short and snappy excerpt from her post….

If you honestly seek the truth about Islam and Muslims, just pick up and read the books written by Muslims, not the ones written about Muslims.  Get your information from the horse’s mouth, not the other end.

Touche’ Theresa!!!!  And I couldn’t agree more….

Most Christians have at least cursory knowledge of the “basics” of Bible interpretation. 

Something along the lines of

* OBSERVATION: What does it say?

* INTERPRETATION: What does it mean?

* APPLICATION: How does the meaning apply to me?

Or in more detail….

  1. WHO: Who are the people? Who did it? Who can do it? Who is it talking about?
  2. WHAT: What is it saying? What is it talking about? What is happening? What did they do?
  3. WHERE: Where are they going? Where did it happen? Where will it take place?
  4. WHEN: When did it happen? When will it happen? When can it happen?
  5. HOW: How did it happen? How can it happen? How was something done?
  6. WHY: Why did he say that? Why did he do that? Why did they go there?

But how many Christians realize there are also principles of Quranic hermeneutics?  Type the phrase into google and 196,000 websites come up in the results. Something to ponder before dismissing the Quran as a holy book of hate. Perhaps the texts, taken out of context and at face value, are the problem….and are not what the message of the Quran is over all. 

This series will meander along…as most of my series do…morphing as I explore and ponder.  I invite you to expand your horizons right along with me…as I expand mine.   


Rhonda said...

Hi Cindi,

I'm a daily reader of the Huffpo. :)

I agree with you; Islam is no more a religion of peace than Christianity has proven to be.


Kansas Bob said...

"Get your information from the horse’s mouth, not the other end."


Cindi said...

I think the gist of both their essence... is peace. Islam never claims to be a pacifist religion...but many do claim it is a religion of peace. The namesake of Christianity was a pacifist...spoke words about forgiving our enemies...blessing those who persecute us etc. It seems to go a step farther than merely a religion of peace...yet countless atrocities have been committed in the name of Christianity.

I think the trouble with both religions is not the core teachings/beliefs but what happens when the carnal/adamic/natural man/egoic mind gets a hold of them and perverts them...twisting them into something they are not.


Cindi said...

It is quite witty and gets the point across in no uncertain terms. Wish I had thought of something that snappy...