Monday, December 20, 2010

How do you connect the dots…?

I know I am rehashing some of this stuff but I just can't help myself. It so totally irritates me.  I wrote several posts about it last the Gap’s "Happy Whatever You Wannakuh" ad  was rattling right wing, evangelical chains across the nation.  I did come across a new quote in my travels this none other than my least favorite hypocrite.  Miss Ann Coulter. 

I am confused.  She wears diamond crosses and proclaims herself a Christian but how do you connect the dots between Ann Coulter and Jesus?  There is a total disconnect in "you can't get there from here."  I've got to wonder if she's ever even leafed through the gospels.  What part of "love your enemies" can be found in the following remark taken from an interview in 2005.  Granted....that was five years ago....but I haven't seen anything that would make me believe she's softened her views.....or her sarcasm....

  “Oh, it was so much fun this year, because saying ‘Merry Christmas’ is like saying ‘Fuck you!’ I’ve said it to everyone. You know, cab drivers, passing people on the street, whatever. And they come up with the ‘Happy holidays.’”‘Merry Christmas.’ I mean, it really is an aggressive act in New York.”

Well, there ya' go.  The spirit of the season summed up in two poignant sentences by a follower of Jesus.  Yeah' right.....


Rhonda said...

Hi Sis Cindy,

Let me begin first by saying that I'm not at all offended either way and don't consider myself part of the "Christmas Wars". I've been on both sides of this: didn't celebrate for 10 yrs (believed it was pagan) and saw "the world" around me obsessed with the word "Christmas" and now that I celebrate again, see many in the world around me who seem to be offended by the term "Christmas."

As for Ann Coulter, I realize her personality is seen as "caustic" (I think she intends it to be) ; her language isn't the way many would speak themselves, and many find her words to be offensive. I "hear" her saying that to say "Merry Christmas" to many people today is taken by them the same as if she were to say "F you!" Knowing some actually do find "Merry Christmas" so offensive; those who do are getting "f you" from her because she's gonna say "Merry Christmas".

(What a coincidence! Ann Coulter's on TV right now, talking about Christmas. LOL!)

When I didn't celebrate, when people wished me "Merry Christmas" I wasn't offended. Their wishes came from good hearts I knew, and it IS a national holiday. When I heard "Merry Christmas" I didn't at all hear "F you" coming from the person. I answered with "Have a safe holiday" and left it at that.

There are those who celebrate Christmas and those who don't for various reasons. (Even a lot of Christians don't celebrate it.) Since Christmas is a national holiday, I don't think those who don't celebrate should be offended by those who do; and those who do shouldn't be offended that there are people who don't.

:) --rhonda

Cindi said...

I did see Ann on the screen last night...but the TV was on silent (as it usually is...Keith watches with a headset...a TV Ears kind of thing) And I know she tries to stir things up with her comments but this just comes across as so mean-spirited and the antithesis of the spirit of Christmas. Like saying...Since you find Christmas offensive...F you...I'm going to say it to everyone I meet. Not because I hope they have a happy Christmas but because I really want to say F you.

I read some history on the origins of the Christmas Wars. A lot of it was news to me. (I'm probably going to post the links and a few excerpts over the next few days) I think that sometimes conservative, evangelical Christians are so gullible...and they aren't willing to check things out and see both sides of an issue. They don't know the origins of most of the Christmas customs....get all bent out of shape because some call it a holiday tree and have no clue how a tree got in on the Christmas act to begin with. And you summed it up very well in your last sentence...

Since Christmas is a national holiday, I don't think those who don't celebrate should be offended by those who do; and those who do shouldn't be offended that there are people who don't.

That is so true. To me, all the Christians who are all upset about Christ being taken out of Christmas should PUT HIM BACK. They are the Christ here on this earth. Somehow I doubt he would be counting the number of times stores use the word Christmas in their advertising or getting all pissy because a frazzled clerk replied "you too" to his "Merry Christmas" greeting.

It's all so petty. Like the letter from God says...can't you all just get along?


Rhonda said...

I agree with you, Cindi. It all really IS petty, because its become political. The whole "idea" of politics is to divide people, to pit one group against another; to make mountains out of molehills.

Its like the whole prayer in school war: a child can pray anywhere, anytime. Nobody can rob a child of that. Jesus said to pray in secret, and be rewarded in secret. So "prayer in school" to me is saying, "Allow us to pray out loud so we can force our own beliefs on others."

I see this whole "Christmas War" the same way-- much ado about nothing. :) --rhonda