Thursday, January 27, 2011

Musing on the Truth...1

Recently, on the Heart to Heart forum, buried within a series of posts buried within a thread....I came upon a snippet that caught my attention. The person posting....a woman, said that she is for the most part, a "bible girl" because she's found all the truths contained in writings like A Course in Miracles in the Bible. But the dilemma was that those who are sola scriptura want nothing to do with any truths contained in ACIM. And at the same time, those new agey folks who are into ACIM, don't really put much merit in Bible folks. And so, even if there are overlapping truths, there can be no communication between the two groups because they eye each other suspiciously...and actually disregard what the other group has to say.

Perhaps its the terminology. Perhaps its because the Bible only believers think they have all the truth...and the ACIM folks resent that mindset.

I am always on the lookout for truth. I think it can be found in so many different places. My home base is the Bible and my benchmark...the truths contained least as God has revealed them to me. (I know that what I find to be truth not everyone does. Not sure how to explain that....or reconcile someone else's truth with my truth, but for now, I've got to go with what has been revealed to me...)

No moral to the story. No real point to this post other than to muse, "outloud" and perhaps spur some similar musing for anyone reading.

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