Sunday, May 8, 2011

Christians gone stark, raving mad…

I came upon a story earlier today…on several blogs…outraged at Stephen Bishop, a pastor in Russiaville, Indiana.  Apparently at last week’s children’s sermon, he decided to use some dramatic methods to spark the evangelistic zeal of the church’s youth. 
Quoting the pastor on FB ( private and unavailable, but there are some screen shots HERE and HERE and HERE)
“Well, yesterday's sermon was a big hit! We had a mass execution of feeder fish that I pulled out of a fish tank and then threw all over the floor. The kids were in shock and then started to pic[sic] them up and put them back into the fish tank. Obviously, most of them died in the effort...the point however was made that they cared more about .15 cent feeder fish then[sic] they do about their friends dying w/o Christ.”
free vector clipart gold-fish

He defended his methods…and the non-worth of the fish…and gave a lot of lip service to justify his methods.  He also claimed that the elders of the church approved the demonstration.  There is a big, long list of comments (mostly negative) and the original post…about this pastor’s actions on reddit. 
Google it if you want to read more.  Just another example of Christians gone mad in their methods to win the world to Christ.  Geeez.  I’m sure Jesus is so proud…..


Sue said...

I love how he explains their non-worth by defining them in monetary terms.

Yep. Sounds like western Christians to me.


Cindi said...

It's been a long time. How are you?

Sue said...

Oops, just came here to read what I wrote after reading your post about Christians dissing other Christians.

Hmmm :D

I'm good thanks, Cindi. How be you?