Sunday, September 18, 2011

A few more thoughts on allowing….

Just a few more thoughts on allowing

Allowing does not always step in and shield someone from the consequences of their behavior.  As Sue and I talked about in the comments, there is a fuzzy line between allowing and enabling.  Sometimes mercy is in order....other situations might require a tougher kind of love.

Ray Prinzing, a yesteryear kingdom preacher used to say, "If it is, it's right."  And Byron Katie, creator of "The Work" uses the tag line "Loving what is."  While I can't really fully embrace either comment, there is an element of truth in the thought that there is only so much we can do to change the circumstances we find ourselves....and our loved ones in.

Obviously there are situations that are not right...and some things are impossible to love.  But to quote another oft used phrase....don't know who to credit it to...."It is what it is."  And that is reality. That is what we have to deal with...perhaps allow....maybe even accept.

And there is always the chance we are wrong about situations, what people should do, even about our most cherished opinions and beliefs. 

I came upon a snippet in Readers Digest that was  taken from an article on Venture Beat in the  Entrepreneur Corner entitled The Stupidest Things Ever Said at Sales Meetings.

It was a list of really dumb things both buyers and sellers had uttered at sales meetings...but the one that got my attention....

“The all male ad agency team telling my female marketing team that they understood tampons better than us.”

Sometimes we know not of what we speak...

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