Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wishing you a Merry Christmas

I haven’t posted anything about the Christmas Wars this year which is my usual holiday tradition. So here is my a day late and a dollar short snippet….

Have you read about the grumpy guy who, in true Grinch-like fashion, disrupted an entire plane full of travelers because he was irate that the ticket agent and a flight attendant wished him a “Merry Christmas?” He was eventually booted from the plane amidst cheers from fellow passengers.

Really, bud, you need to just chill. I know airline travel sucks and I’ve seen grumpy, surly, scowling, seasoned travelers when I’ve traveled. They have that “don’t eff with me” demeanor. Perhaps you are one of those guys. We aren’t privy to the private details of your life that might have added to the duress brought on by the cheerfulness of the staff who had to work on the holiday. Still, you don’t get points for being bright since you should realize airlines just don’t mess around anymore. Toe the line or you are off the plane….or arrested!

Really, we all need to chill. Accept the holiday greetings (whatever form they take) as a gesture of goodwill and peace on earth. That is something we can surely all agree are in too short of supply during the holidays and all the year long…..

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