Thursday, December 31, 2009

'Tis (Still) the Season - 2

Well...while I've been dinking around on the internet this morning, much to my's been snowing!  More than a dusting...less than a dumping...but enough to be a pain in the rear as far as cleaning off the car etc. etc. etc.  I grow steadily less and less fond of winter, the older I get.  But anyway...the dinking around led me to several links that pertain to this "who was Jesus" anyway topic. 

Dena posted a recent devotional by Richard Rohr that discussed the Cloud of Unknowing...especially the part about the cloud of forgetting and not living in a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil mindset.  It piqued my interest and I went looking for stuff about the original, written long ago, book The Cloud of Unknowing...and for Richard Rohr CD's and books on Amazon.  I came upon some of his videos on You Tube.  The following two videos pertain to Jesus.  Who he was and what he came to accomplish.  The first is called Jesus Scholarship and the second one is entitled What Did Jesus Really Teach? They are both short...under ten minutes.  There are also other Rohr videos available on You Tube......HERE and HERE and HERE



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