Friday, March 12, 2010


I came upon the Explore Faith web site a while back...saved it in the queue of ideas for just such a time as this....when I have not posted for three days...and when all the half formed ideas that are banging into each other in my brain have not seemed to congeal into a stream of words lucid enough to become a blog post.  Perhaps the ideas are in the process of coming to "fruition."  You know...ripening.  Although I know some might see them as far past ripe (which is synonymous with RIGHT) but that is the subject of another post.  (oh great....more stuff to churn around up there and "ferment")

Anyway, I came upon the site Explore Faith a while back, saved it in the queue...checked it out a bit yesterday here at home and yesterday at work during a break.  It is an interesting site...slanted heavily toward the Christian perspective, but inclusive at the same time. There is a page with links to articles about other religious traditions...but it is a small portion of the site.  

There are articles about prayer, meditation, peaceful living, parenting, oneness, everyday spirituality, an eclectic page of links, guided journaling, etc.  Worth a visit. You will find much food for thought there. 

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