Friday, March 26, 2010

More From Jack E. Dawson

I mentioned that I was going to post a bit more about Jack E. Dawson’s artwork…but even though we are on vacation, time seems to be slipping away very quickly. I am posting two pictures I liked a lot…check out his website if you like paintings like this….

           Decision by Jack Dawson

Untitled, 8/7/03, 7:09 PM,  8C, 5274x7694 (83+178), 100%, Default Settin,  1/25 s, R64.9, G51.5, B93.0


             Wise Men Still Seek Him

Untitled, 11/6/03, 11:57 AM,  8C, 5148x6430 (223+1410), 100%, Default Settin,  1/25 s, R63.1, G49.4, B90.0

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