Wednesday, May 26, 2010

O Colourful One....

Someone recently "repiqued" by interest in Walter Lanyon.  He is on the long list of people/places/things/concepts/beliefs that I intend to blog about someday (and if I live long past my life expectancy, I just might get to everything on the list.  Problem is...the list keeps growing exponentially.  As I explore one thing, a dozen other thoughts/questions/observations/revelations pop into my mind and so I add them to the list.  But anyway.....)

I don't know that much about Walter Lanyon except that his name is familiar and I have come across his writings on kingdom websites here and there.  I tried a while back (six or seven years ago) to read "The Laughter of God" and it did not resonate at all.  Not even a little bit.  I was so immersed then in finding the answer to the problem of evil and the interplay of sovereignty and free will that I could not be bothered considering the christ within vs the adamic man stuff.  What kind of nonsense is that anyway? 

Two natures beat within my breast?  One is cursed the other blessed.  Huh? 

It took the writings of Eckhart Tolle to open my understanding to that concept...and now I have a clue what Paul was talking about when he said, it is not I who lives but Christ who lives within me.  Thanks Eckhart. 

And I have to say, from reading a bit of Lanyon's stuff over the past week or so...he sounds pretty new agey to me.  He is actually classified as "new thought" by some.  That is a misleading  description because, as Solomon rightly penned, there really is nothing new under the sun. Everything is simply restated, repackaged, revisited, "repique" the interest of newer generations.   

I am going to post the beginning of a Walter Lanyon writing I read over the weekend...O Colourful One a writing that led to a bunch of questions...and new entries on the "to blog about" list....

I AM the Great White Light in which all the visible and invisible colour of the universe and heaven rest. My name is O Colourful One---I am full of light that is white and glistening and at the same time is multi­coloured and many-hued. My white light passes through the prism of human thinking, reasoning, or teaching, and takes on seven distinct rays. And man, looking through a glass darkly and with the double eye, sees as many different paths all claiming to be the truth; but so long as a man remains in the personal idea of the truth he had not yet seen the Great White Light of his True Self in which are hidden all things-hidden only to the eye that is double. 

And what are the 7 distinct rays? Researching that led to some writings that talked about the 7 spirits of God, 7 Churches, 7 archangels, and the 7 Rays.  Google does not edit the results into Christian/New some interesting stuff came up.  Some dealing with the zodiac...some dealing with the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus...some dealing with angels and the different beliefs of different faith traditions concerning angels.  Lanyon goes on to say:

He may follow a single ray of colour, think­ing that he at last has the truth, only to find that it terminates in disillusionment. One by one he may exhaust the paths, until finally he comes to the Great White Light of his Soul. It is the whole garment alone that can satisfy, and this comes, not by a mediator, but through the Christ within, and until man learns this he will go seeking in every strange place and chasing every will-o'-the-wisp of colour, hoping to fund peace and the All.

Pretty soon he begins to see the Great White Light of his Soul-and, as he recog­nizes this, he sees hidden in this' all the glorious colours of Soul. A million colours and tints burst upon his startled eyes as he goes from glory to glory-for he suddenly realizes that for the first time he is seeing. "Having eyes, ye see not," is changed to the glorious explanation, "Whereas before I was blind, now I can see." He is thrilled with the exquisite bliss of the awakening in the new heaven (state of consciousness) and the new earth (manifestation in the flesh). He finds there everything that he has tried for long years to demonstrate by one means or another. He finds there overflowing abundance of the All, and he is unafraid and naked. There is nothing between him and the truth-he is lost in the great swirl of colour, of light, and glory. He is bathed in its golden mists.

More questions to ponder.  Is this awakening...this rebirth...this new sight limited to Christianity?  Doesn't the light...though distorted into various rays of the color spectrum by our carnal understanding, dwell in every man? Doesn't it light every man that comes into the world?  Does the oneness of humanity....blending all the rays back together....make the pure white light that is made up of all colors of the spectrum?  Is this the body of Christ that Paul talks about?  Is this related to the body of Christ that Paul talks about? Doesn't scripture say that God is light and in him is no darkness? 

Just some questions off the top of my head.  I'll write more tomorrow...because seriously I have got to get going.  First day back to work since Friday.  Ugh.  I will end with another snippet from the writing...and will write more about this in my next post.

"When a man loses his life he shall find it" --when your personal sense of trying to run the universe is ended, and you are willing to let go of the petty personal desires, you shall taste of a fruit of life that will again admit you into the portals of your lost Eden.


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