Monday, June 28, 2010

Emily is a pro-life advocate....

Even though she does not spout anti abortion rhetoric or march in rallies carrying a sign with one the popular anti abortion slogans, Emily supports the pro-life agenda in a very real way.  Instead of a lot of lip service about the rights of the unborn and the sanctity of life, she often spends her weekends helping a single mom care for her young daughter. 

She gets up early...sometimes even drives her friend to work...and then takes care of Kaya all day.  She takes her to church...sometimes to youth group gatherings...brings her here to hang swim.  She is making a real life difference to a very cute little girl. 

"Sidewalk Counselors" demonstrate their beliefs by camping out near the entrance of abortion clinics, carrying signs with pictures of mangled, aborted fetuses, reciting "Abortion Kills Children" to the women headed into the clinic.  Emily "chooses life" in a way that is no less impacting. 

Go put your creed into your deed....Ralph Waldo Emerson

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