Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Enlightenment Next....

Not long ago, I came across...for the second time, the website and magazine formerly know as the WIE...What Is Andrew Cohen.  I found it the first time...well, I don't remember happenstance probably.  I pilfered a quote from the cyber mag and was used in a recent post in the series of posts about Truth.

Anyway...the site is now called Enlightenment Next...and it has all kinds of resources....and I do mean ALL kinds of resources. The magazine is billed as the magazine for "revolutionaries." Each issue is devoted to a particular theme.  Archives...including those from when the magazine was still What is Enlightenment...are also available pretty much in their entirety on the website.  An example of the diversity?  Well.....

  • The Many Faces of God 
  • Constructing the New Man
  • The Mystery of Evolution
  • Death, Rebirth and Everything in Between
  • Spirituality vs. Religion
  • Is God a Pacifist?
  • What Does It Mean To Be In the World But Not Of?

And there are a lot more....

If it wasn't neigh on bedtime I might cyber browse through the Pacifism issue....but alas, it is getting late...and I am getting it will have to wait for another day....

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