Monday, July 12, 2010

Isn't that the truth??!! Part 3

I've belonged to a yahoo group called the Church of Interfaith Christians for several years now.  I don't often participate on the yahoo group...and I am not ordained into their "denomination" (or any denomination for that matter) but I usually keep up via the digest version of posts.  The founder of the group was a man named Ernest Steadman who is the author of a book entitled Pathway to the Stars.  The mission statement of the group could be summed up (paraphrased by me) Although we are Christians, Christ can be found in religions other than Christianity...and we honor that.  In their own words (contained in their mission statement)

Our purpose is to spread the true teachings of Christ to enlighten, uplift and heal. As Interfaith Christians, we recognize those who include Christ in their worship, regardless of what faith they might be. We seek Truth and unite in the quest for higher values in worship and in living.

or to put it more concisely,

ONE GOD - Many Names / ONE SON - Many Paths / ONE TRUTH - Many Faiths

Reverend Steadman died....within the past year or so...and recently there was a church split kind of thing. Reverend Sharra is now the head of the COIC.  She's been posting weekly messages that are a thumbnail view of her beliefs and the history of the church and its teachings. Following is a quote from one of her recent messages that I think kind of fits with this Truth is truth is truth idea....
Sharra said:

We are the Church of Interfaith Christians.  A new denomination of Christian.  We are to be a light to people of all faiths.  We are to be enlightened.  We live in a world of oil spills, greed, war strife and suffering.  Why in this enlightened age are these things still going on?

One of the underlying reasons for all the suffering going on in the world is because a large portion of our population is in an `identity crisis."  They have forgotten who they really are. They don't see their connection with God.

A common teaching of Christ found in most faiths is that God is within us and because of that we have the unlimited potential to be  fully conscious of the Spirit of God and be able to experience His unlimited love, wisdom and power.  We are all children of God with a unique spiritual aspect of awareness.  We are `spiritual' beings temporarily sharing in a `physical' experience together.

She identifies this common teaching of Christ as one of the common threads running through many faith traditions.  The Apostle Paul called it...."Christ in you...the hope of glory." 

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