Saturday, October 2, 2010

14 Cows….

I started this series a few weeks ago...right around the anniversary of 9-11...with a post about Lee Ielpi...the New York firefighter whose son, Jonathon, also a firefighter, was killed when the Towers fell.  His story, and the story of other 9-11 families have touched the world.  On his blog, The Persistence of Memory, he recently posted about a visit from four members of the Maasai tribe from Kenya.  After the tribe heard about the tragedy of 9-11, they wanted to somehow somehow show their support for the victims and their families.  So they sold their most valued possessions.  14 of them.  They sold 14 cows as a contribution "to help New Yorkers get through this horrible disaster."

Mr. Ielpi goes on to say:
This gift came from the heart and was remarkable for showing that even in the furthest reaches of the planet, people were inspired to support our common humanity. The men who visited last week came to the United States on a mission to raise awareness for their organization, Namirisho (which means "Victory") Girls Community Outreach. They are striving to provide rescue and refuge to young girls who are under threats of abuse and discrimination of various forms in their country. Social practices include Female Gental Mutilation, forced marriages, child abuse, child labour, lack of parental care and lack of educational prospects due to extreme poverty and gender subordination are tremendous obstacles to their young people. Their main goal is to help the young girls of both the Maasai tribe and other tribes to become resourceful, responsible and educated members of society. 

The above picture was taken during their visit to Tribute WTC Visitor Center.   It reminds me that God promises to bring good out of even the most tragic circumstances.  Oh and for these 4 men to come to America, they had to sell 4 more of their cows.  As Lee Ielpi notes, they are that committed to their mission. I find this story so touching and inspiring. It is indeed a small, small world.  And HE has the whole world in his hands.....

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