Sunday, February 12, 2012

God be with you….and I mean it….

I happened upon a blog post yesterday…on my google reader feed entitled "Praying Them Home" on the Daily Episcopalian.  The post talked a lot about prayer....and the cloud of unknowing we join in shared prayer. 

In the post, the author (Maria L. Evans) tells the story of an encounter with a gravely ill man who was determined to embark on a long journey back to his homeland, postponing medical treatment. She tried to convince him of the very serious, possibly fatal, risk he was taking but he would not relent. Her conclusion?

All of us have times in our lives where despite our best efforts, our good intentions, and our fears for those we love, they will make their choices and we are left with no other tasks but to let them go, and "pray them home." I realized I had tried my best, and did what I could. As I left to go back to my office, I told him, "God be with you. I mean that."

A sentiment most parents, especially parents of teenagers or young adults, can totally identify with.  Let go and let God to the n'th degree.  Very. Difficult. To. Do.

Being the queen of the worst case scenario, I tend to let my imagination run away with me. I know it, my family knows it and it’s become a good natured, standing joke.

My daughter Emily posted a picture on my FB wall....ahhh, I mean my FB Timeline....the other day poking fun. She shared it with her sister, Beth. 

          Cutting stuff with a knife

Point taken. And the truth of the matter is….the “paring knife” is usually…just a paring knife.  But every once in a while, the paring knife REALLY is a hatchet in disguise.  Our kids face dangers every day…the real ones and the ones that live in a mother’s imagination.  Sometimes the only option is to try to quiet our fears, accept their choices and simply pray “God be with you.”

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