Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Message and Mission of Christ Conference

The other day on EU, Dena posted the following link to the 2010 Transmillennial Texas Regional Conference...theme of which is...Jesus.  Following is "e-flyer" from the website.  Their stated purpose is:

Viewing God's redemptive work as truly universal, not just in potential but in fact, not only restores the majesty of God but also answers so many of the nagging issues which trouble Orthodoxy. This understanding, variously known as "comprehensive grace" , "gospel of inclusion", or "ultimate reconciliation", provides a viable biblical viewpoint without many of the logical inconsistencies and obvious ethical problems so pronounced in traditional Christian theology.

It is for the purpose of sharing this new view of God and his purpose for mankind that this web site is dedicated.

The website has quite a few articles that discuss inerrancy, Christianity, Churchianity etc. etc.  The articles I clicked on were not long and drawn out.  Check out the site.  The information about the conference follows:

Theme: The Message and Mission of Christ

The Sjolander Road Fellowship announces the fifth annual Texas Regional Transmillennial Conference for February 5-7, 2010. The conference site will be 4464 Sjolander Road, Baytown, Texas (approximately 30 miles east of Houston, exit 795 off Interstate 10).

Many would probably assume that the message and mission of Christ are too well known and understood to be the topic of discussion in any meaningful way. In the conventional understanding Jesus was the God sent Savior who died to pay the price for all mankind's sins and thereby make it possible for those who "accept" Him as Savior to enjoy the blessings of Heaven. Under this paradigm, mankind's sin, or lawbreaking, is the problem which separates God and man, and Jesus primary mission was to end this separation by appeasing God. Supposedly, all these "facts" are biblically indisputable.

Well, are they really? This gathering proposes to challenge an array of speakers of various backgrounds to re-examine the entire issue of what Jesus came to do and how He accomplished that mission. The problem with much that passes for Bible study is that it starts off assuming much and challenging and confirming very little. It is the desire of the organizers of this year's conference, that speakers feel perfectly free to question everything, leaving no assumption of Orthodoxy untouched. Let the evidence speak. Any quest to find a more reasonable and majestic God in the Bible cannot be condemned, except by those who have a vested interest in the fearful status quo.

Individuals interested in participating in the presentations and discussions in person are encouraged to see our website,, or to contact us at or 281-383-7054 for details, including a schedule of speakers. As an alternative, anyone can hear all the presentations live on-line, making arrangements by e-mailing Kevin Beck at

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