Saturday, September 19, 2009

From Uniontown….

I am writing this in the bathroom at the Fairfield Inn in Uniontown Pa.  I am sitting…no…not on the toilet….but on the desk chair I wheeled in here so I would not disturb Keith while I do my early morning web surfing/blog writing/email checking.  We are in Uniontown for a 50 year celebration of the United Christian Temple.  It is a church that has been a UR/kingdom church for all of its 50 years. 

It is just a small little church…but complete with stained glass windows and church pews.  Very cool.  Very sacred feeling.  The pastor of the church is a man named Galen Winebrenner.  He and his wife Susan sort of inherited the church from his father in law, an early kingdom minister by the name of Dane Tabor.  I couldn’t find too much on Dane Tabor on the internet…because he’s been dead for about ten or fifteen years.  I found several of his writings in a publication called “Arise.”   You will have to scroll down to find the two writings. Sights and Sounds Of A New Era and The Lord’s Day.  The Lord’s Day is a poem that reminds me of Ray Prinzing’s style.  Poem copied and pasted below….


My power is revealed to bless all mankind,
And my love so true will transform each mind.
So lift up your voice, give praise to my name,
Stand forth in my strength, my glories proclaim.

This is my day and all men shall know
That death is destroyed, my life doth now flow.
Come sing now my song of my grace blessing all,
Be joined to this throng who have answered my call.

Man's eye hath not seen, nor hath his ear heard,
What I have prepared, as declared in my word.
But my Spirit has made clear, my plan is now plain,
All the world is mine, give glory to my name.

So ARISE in my life, shake the dust from your feet;
It's time to depart from this world's broad street.
For my glory now shines, declaring the way.
All the earth is mine, and this is MY DAY!
...... L. Dane Tabor

This is now later in the day….almost time to leave for the Saturday evening service.  We’ve enjoyed the time here.  Lynn Hiles will be preaching again tonight.  I’ve mentioned him before, a real hoot of a guy…hilarious….preaches the finished work of the cross.

It is the message he has been called to preach and it is a message that is very much inline with much of the stuff that the people I fellowship with online believe…just from a very Christian perspective.  The similarities? Separation from God is in our minds…we are a new creation….all the earth is the Lord’s…in him we live and move and have our being….God’s not mad at us.   

As Dane says in the poem above:

Come sing now my song of my grace blessing all,
Be joined to this throng who have answered my call.

We all must answer the call we hear in our own heart…trusting the Holy Spirit to lead us…and everyone….into all truth.

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