Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lord You Have Seized Me.....

Another "I'll relentlessly and tirelessly hunt you down until I catch you" (thus saith the Lord) poem/prayer I came across was written by Michel Quoist.  He was a French priest who wrote several books of prayers and other books on living the Christian life (from a sort of priestly, Catholic perspective). One of his writings, Meet Christ and Live, is available online HERE.   I really like this prayer....


Lord, you have seized me, and I could not resist You.

I ran for a long time, but You followed me

I took bypaths, but you knew them

You overtook me

I struggled

You won...

When I stood there trembling like one defeated before his captor

Your look of love fell on me

The die is cast, Lord

I can no longer forget You

In a moment You seized me

In a moment You conquered me

My doubts were swept away

My fears dispelled

For I recognized You without seeing You

I felt You without touching You

I understood You without hearing You


Kansas Bob said...

"Your look of love fell on me"


Cindi said...

I like this guy's writings. I can relate to many of the things he says...including the "afraid to say yes" sentiments in the other posts I wrote about him.