Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pituitary? Pineal?

In a recent post, I quoted from Anne Lamott's book, Traveling Mercies. In the excerpt, she talked about Jesus visiting her one night during a frightening, traumatic (self induced) situation. He was most definitely an unwanted guest because even though, at that point in her life, she believed in God, becoming a Christian was out of the question. Her view of being a Christian? What a totally hokey thing to do...perhaps THE hokiest thing one could ever do. So she willed him to leave and tightly "squinched" her eyes shut so she could not see him. BUT...that didn't help because her eyes were not "what she was seeing him with." That is the profound snippet I mentioned in a recent post in the assemblage of posts pertaining to conversion stories.

The snippet begs the question...So what do we "see" Jesus with anyway? For sure not our physical "jeepers, creepers, where'd you get those peepers." We "see" him with some kind of inner eye. An eye whose vision most of the time...for most of us... seems cloudy and unclear....out of focus? Following are the lyrics to one of Charlotte Torango's songs, which I happened upon while leafing through their song book at a conference at Galen Winebrener's church. My first reading of the lyrics produced the highly spiritual thought of...."huh?"

Hermetically sealed this people now be
The lid is shut tight so no carnality
Can ever again seep in to cause pain
This light I have sealed within your own brain
The pituitary gland is now harmless to thee
A spiritual eye is now open you'll see
If you can believe I'll leave you just light
Hermetically sealed away from night

The line about the pituitary gland stumped me. I pondered it quite a bit...mulled it over...talked to Keith about it...asked my buds on EU. The best answers came from Gary Sigler's Heart to Heart Message Board. Let me quote some of them below.

From shonda:

the pituitary gland is the seat of the ego.....
it hides/guards the pineal gland lying below over a gulf....

the pituitary is protected by a bony structure....
and is thought to control homeostasis....the control of everything human!
well being as well as poor being...while the pineal is the JUST BEING.

Hear that these words bear witness to the Awakening within US....
So we no longer walk in flesh...but walk after the Spirit...Christ Within US!
See the pituitary gland is where the voice of the deceiver dwells...speaking lies to we not know that we are the Sons of the LIVING GOD...and there IS NO OTHER

Cindi you can go to Wikipedia and look up the physical/scientific words for Pituitary Gland...but they are only a shadow or pattern in the wilderness...
It is a Holy Place to stand there.....
the last place that exist within before we leap ov'r the gulf...
inside the hidden gland called pineal...God was in THIS place (within us human thinking body) and I did NOT KNOW IT!

And from Barbara Symons:

Pituitary governs the physical body - Pineal governs the spiritual body

And from summerland


i retrieved the above addy from my is a comprehensive study of the pineal gland and what Jesus himself said about it, along with other information that I found fascinating ever since I read Genesis 32:30 and my interest was sparked by Jacob's name for where he had his dream...peneul (pineal)...seeing God face to face...

So what Charlotte Torango was saying in the lyrics of her song was that we need not be weighted down to the pituitary gland...the lead anchor that docks us to the flesh nature (ego, carnal, adamic nature) but that we can live out of the pineal gland...the center of all things spiritual.

Come to think of it...I wrote about some of this stuff a while back, spurred on by a quote from Frank Laubach. I wrote several posts about Frank, an extraordinary missionary, visionary....child of God, mover and doer, maker and shaker, humanitarian. If you are interested you can heck out the whole slew of them...HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE (links not necessarily in chronological order. I wrote a lot about this guy!!! And I was quite taken by the fact that even though he was a modern day mystic, he was not the least bit airy fairy and accomplished great feats in this physical realm) The post about Laubach with the quote that intrigued me told about a vision in which the Lord came to him and invited him up to the next level of relationship. The name of the post was The Vision. (catchy title, eh?)

In the early 1950's, at age 70, Laubach had a vision of God and Christ together in a long room. Christ showed him how to deepen his minute by minute attunement by focusing deeply at the point between the eyebrows. Jesus spoke to him, saying it was time for him to take "a long stride toward becoming a full grown son of God"

"Your game with the minutes, " He said, was in the right direction, but tonight you are going beyond that game into the game with moments. To be fully grown means to spend your life, day and night, with the door wide open into the secret audience room with us."

"The audience room, " He explained, "is in front of your head. When you wish to consult us, lift up your eyes a little and there we are, not beyond the stars but just over your own eyes."

This post is getting a bit long so I feel compelled to say....more to follow.....

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