Tuesday, February 16, 2010

That You Might Have Life....

I've oft mentioned Lynn Hiles on this blog. He preaches the "finished work of the cross" and his message has impacted me greatly through the years. I was introduced to his ministry by my husband, Keith who has followed his ministry for quite a few years. We've gone to the conference at his home church in Berkley Springs, WVA three or four years in a row. For the past month or so, Lynn has hosted a half hour TV show, "That You Might Have Life." This week's guest was Justin Phillips, a pastor from Lake City, Tennessee. I've heard him preach quite a few times...and during a conference we attended at Joyline Ministries in Patton PA where he was the featured speaker, I saw one of the most touching moments that I've ever witnessed as he "spoke a word" over someone. Check out this week's show....in its entirety HERE. And remember...God's not mad at you :)

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