Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Kingdom of Heaven Is Like....Radio Waves?

Okay….I thought this was a really illuminating way to describe it…..the spiritual realm and how it can overlap the natural…..occupying the very same space as the natural.

The place where you sit as you read these lines is literally filled with radio waves. Music, voices, and noises of various kinds are all around you, passing through the walls, and even your body. Do you feel them? Can you hear them? Do you see them? No—but they are there, they are all there, co-extensive with every visible thing, occupying the very same space! Yet each wave exists in a different "world" entirely. They are on different frequencies. Therefore they don't interfere with each other, they don't mix and become all scrambled up. They are not in the same world.

That is what I mean by a "realm" or "dimension." It is like a frequency. It can occupy the same space and yet be another world altogether. That's how God can be in heaven and in the room where you are sitting and in your heart at the same time. He is simply on a different frequency, in a different dimension or realm, but occupying the same space. Heaven has nothing to do with a "place," either here or beyond the stars. Heaven is a REALM OF REALITY, a DlMENSION OF LIFE. It is as omnipresent as God is omnipresent, as omnipresent as the universe is omnipresent— it is where He dwells.

"He that hath an ear, let him hear!" The spiritual ear is the "tuner" of the New Creation Man!

Ah-ha….that is the catch. The veil may be flimsy, however, it totally obstructs our vision unless we have the eyes to see. And the radio waves may be all around us…but without the ears to hear, we are stone deaf to the spiritual realm. Isn’t that what Jesus said when he explained to the disciples about his parables….and that the crowds did not have the eyes or ears of their understanding opened?

And how do we tune into the spiritual tunes? The right station? I will be pondering that in some upcoming posts. In other words…I don’t really know for sure :)


annie said...

how timely. i just rec'd another post explaining how fears that we mistake for "our" thoughts are not. even as the kingdom is like radio waves, so is "the world". the cosmic mesmerism that exists in the world projects fears into our imagination - just as those radio waves. so, it would seem that our liberty from such lies within our choice of which "station" we will "tune in" to... selah :).

Cindi said...

When I read the article you posted about fear, the similarity of thought occurred to me. Sometimes it is really hard to tune into the right station though. I can easily let my imagination run away with me and like Chicken Little ponder whether or not the sky is really falling.