Saturday, April 18, 2009

Speaking of Mysteries....

When I was running the vacuum in the downstairs hallway last night, my attention was drawn to the bookcase that holds Keith’s collection of “kingdom writings” and in particular to the writings of Ray Prinzing. Ray has written a series of “whispers” books. There is the Whispers of Worship…Spiritual Progression….His Redemption….His Judgements, Of His Call, Of the New Covenant. I vaguely remembered reading one part way through about 7 years ago….Whispers of the Mysteries. It fell flat at that time….but perhaps now, I will find more within that resounds with my spirit.

The Whispers Series is available to read online…along with other shorter writings. Probably the most complete collection of Prinzing’s writings is at Spirit of the Word. His monthly studies are available there too….Gospel Echoes….which was later renamed Letters of Truth (Collection One and Collection Two) He also has a daily devotional called Daily Overcoming.

I had planned to write a bit about what I found as I leafed through The Whispers of the Mysteries….but this is a “baby you were born to run” weekend and I’ve got to get going. I have to run, run, run the girls, here, there and everywhere today (and tomorrow…ugh….)

But do check out some of Prinzing’s stuff if you are so inclined. He also had many, many spoken messages….most of which Keith has on cassette tapes in the closet in the dining room. I listened to many of them 10 or so years ago. A few of his audio messages are available online. Google it if you are interested….because I’ve got to cut this post short and get a move on….

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