Thursday, April 2, 2009

Snippets of wisdom gleaned at the Houston Airport....

I posted the following on EU this morning.  I had intended to post about snippets of wisdom from the Max Lucado book I just read.  The one I mentioned in a recent post (yesterday's?)...but alas, I have dinked around far too long and I have to get ready for work!!  So I am going to "double post." I usually don't do that...

During our three hour layover in Houston, I turned on my laptop...plugged it into a Samsung "charge your phone" electrical pole (along with a bunch of other people)  I didn't spring for the internet (8 bucks for a "day pass" on boingo or some similar name) but read a bunch of posts from another list I had saved on my computer....posts that had piled up in "real time" and I had not gotten around to reading.  Following are a few random snippets that I gleaned and saved. 

Don't let yesterday use up too much of today.
--Native American Proverb

And can't the same thing be said about tomorrow?  Don't let what might happen tomorrow use up too much of today?  I am much better at letting go of yesterday than I am about not dwelling in thoughts about tomorrow. (what I have to do...what might happen...what might not happen...usually things I dread rather than things I am looking forward to)

When I speak of suffering, I am referring to what could be called "unnecessary" suffering, when you are wrapped up in replaying your own or the world's dramatic stories
over and over in your mind. GANGAJI

Ah, yes...yesterday and tomorrow...full of dramatic stories that take our attention off of TODAY. 

Do not say, "I follow the one true path of the Spirit,"
but rather, "I have found the Spirit walking on my path,"
for the Spirit walks on all paths.
Khalil Gibran

Say not, 'I have found the truth,'
but rather, 'I have found a truth.'
Khalil Gibran 

And often that truth is a universal kind of truth and not limited to one spiritual tradition....not even to Christianity!!!

"Every one of us alone has the power to direct the course of our lives by choosing what actions we will or won't take. While sometimes it's easier to believe you don't have a choice, the reality is that you always have a choice to behave differently."
Francine Ward

The free will / sovereignty thing which has dogged me for years and years!!!  Not so much anymore, though.  I do think that while we might not always have a say in our circumstances, we do have a say in how we react. 

Anyway...just a few snippets....

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