Thursday, April 23, 2009

More About Revelation

Although I think the book of Revelation might be a fine and dandy topic to write a few blog posts about, there is the time thing…as in not enough of it. But I can recommend a few resources that do not fit with the theology of mainstream Christianity...the Left Behind theology.

Preston Eby is a very prolific writer but he outdoes himself with his series “The Candlestick to the Throne” He has been writing the series as long as I’ve known Keith. It is nearing its 90th chapter. He sends out one every month and has done so for the past 89 months. It is a very in-depth study that focuses on historical context, word meaning, anecdotes and quotes from other kingdom (and not kingdom) writers….all focused on minute details and nuances of the book of Revelation.

Another resource that looks at Revelation from a different perspective is Revelation, A Positive Book by Ray Prinzing. A quote from the book about the ways Prinzing has observed Revelation interpreted....

It has been said, there are five ways to interpret the Book:

1) Historically, it all happened a long time ago. 
2) Present, in our now,  but mostly negative, as people try to fit the events of  their day into its pages, wondering if these certain happenings fulfill the judgment and doom they  have been told is to come, to signify times end,  though they hope they can escape from it all. 
3) Futuristically, it will all happen out there some time. 
4) Idealistically, poetically, using mental images from which to form your ideals and  values, etc. 
5) All of the above, practicing parts of each.  Perhaps that is how many view it today.  Some of it is viewed historically, some of it is viewed prophetically, and betimes men look to see if it verifies the time table that "the end is upon us.''   While occasionally  passages are used  to draw images and pictures that men apply  to their day, as they interpret various points and fit them together.

Now we would present a different approach, as the holy Spirit quickens various passages, and gives us a POSITIVE VIEW, with our Lord Jesus Christ as the Center of  our focus, for this is declared to be, "A REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST."  This phrase tells it all. The book was written for one purpose, to be the revelation of a Person, not of historical events, nor of future doom and negativism. Every woe, every vial, every thunder, etc. has but one purpose, TO BRING FORTH THE REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST.

Another resource… David and Lois Field’s Third Day Fellowship site. He has a chapter by chapter, verse by verse commentary on Revelation (and some other books of the Bible as well…Ecclesiastes, Romans, and Hebrews) These are available to listen to or to read as a PDF file. There are some new commentaries…available only as audio's. 1st and 2nd Peter, 1st and 2nd Timothy, 1st and 2nd Corinthians, Ephesians, Galatians…most of the books of the New Testament.

I actually met David Fields once at a home meeting in Ontario. Keith and I were living in separate countries at the time. We were traveling back and forth to visit each other. The kids were much younger then and a handful, I worked full time…plus there was all that travel back and forth across the border to visit. And when we couldn't visit in real life we met late at night to talk on NetMeeting (an antiquated version of skype)  It all took it's toll...and I was so tired that night I could not keep my eyes open. Talk about head nodding!! Let's just say, I missed a lot. 

So for now this post is my contribution on Revelation….

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