Tuesday, October 27, 2009

For The Bible Tells Me So....

As I was visiting some of the pro gay web sites last week, I came upon a video called For The Bible Tells Me So. I didn't realize it was available in its entirety (albeit in 10 segments of about ten minutes each) until I ran across a link for it on a blog called Reflections. It is a spiritual blog...not a sexuality blog.  Just another one of those curious coincidences...where I happen upon something directly related to what I'm writing about.  

I watched the You Tube videos this afternoon. The movie tells the stories of several families whose lives were directly touched by homosexuality. The families all reacted with different levels of acceptance. Not all of the stories have a happy ending. There are also lots of snippets and comments from teachers, scholars and religious leaders. Some are gay.  Some are not. 

On the official  For the Bible Tells Me So site, there are several resources specifically designed to facilitate group discussions. (Here and Here) These would also work for further study for individuals.  There are sections that go into "THE" Bible verses in more depth than the movie does. 

This movie provides a peek into the normality of many families who have gay and lesbian children.  It also puts a human face on this issue...and might dispel the stereotype many people have of a "typical homosexual." 

I think I may give this a rest for awhile.  I've posted links to many resources that take a look at alternate meanings for the "homosexuality is an abomination" verses in scripture.  Anyone interested can find lots to ponder and consider.  I may come back to this topic in the future...because there is so much more that could be said. 

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