Sunday, July 5, 2009

More about waking up….

I found a treasure…an absolute treasure…on my way to the gym yesterday.  The cost of this treasure…my yard sale find?  A quarter.  It is a book from 1998 entitled Spiritual Notes to Myself by Hugh Prather.  On the back cover it is described as a modern day book of Proverbs.

I leafed through it yesterday at the gym while getting my heart rate up to the recommended beats per minute (cardiovascularly speaking) There is a lot of good stuff in this book!! A lot like Eckhart Tolle but in shorter snippets.  More succinct.  More word pictures.  I plan to post quite a few of the quotes I marked with a shaky asterisk and barely legible notes. (it is, after all, hard to write and walk at the same time)

I thought the following two quotes went well with this wake up, wake up you sleepy head theme of the past few posts…..

If I had Bullwhacker Hot Sauce for dinner, no matter how I try to change the dream I’m having six hours later, it’s just going to go bad again.  It’s the hot sauce.  A disturbed dream is the product of a disturbed dreamer.  And everyone who isn’t fully awake is more or less disturbed.  That’s why the answer to all my questions is, “Wake up.”

 If a child is having a nightmare, you don’t try to perfect the nightmare.  If in her sleep she mutters, “Mommy, I’m a baby bird and the cat’s about to get me,” you don’t say “try hiding under a bush.”  That would just keep her dreaming.  You kiss her on top of the head, sing her a song of comfort, and gently rock her awake.  God is no less loving a parent than you. 

More to come….

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