Monday, July 13, 2009

A Toss Up....

I've got ideas for several new series rattling around in my brain. Granted, I have more (half baked) ideas than I can keep track of whizzing around in there....but several that have congealed into a theme. I've come up with a mental outline of a succession of posts written around a somewhat vague central theme....intended to get a point across.

Okay...hold on...who am I kidding here? The "point" I am trying to get across is oft times a work in progress that kind of morphs as I write. But "it's all good" because I learn as I write...and hopefully those who graciously visit this blog learn something too.

So right now it's a toss up between a series on "mystic mimesis" about how mimesis does not always have to turn to rivalry. The trick is to take on the desires of our heavenly Father and imitate him...and not each other, which only leads to grief. I've come across several very thought provoking writings which birthed quite a few ideas for posts.

The other notion was born when I read a blog post by Greg Boyd reviewing Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth. (yes, I really like Greg Boyd and am ever so grateful to him for providing so many ideas for me to write about here on my blog) He had some positive things to say about the book...and some negative things to say.. Some of it I agreed with, other stuff I did not. He also expressed what he considered crucial, deal breaking differences in what Tolle teaches and the edicts of Christ.

Boyd suggested two Christian authors whose teachings are a "Christ-centered way of learning how to live "in the present moment".... Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach’s Practicing His Presence and/or J. De Caussade’s The Sacrament of the Present Moment. I researched those two authors on google (and actually read Brother Lawrence) and came up with ideas within ideas...likeminded quotes and plenty of thoughts to morph into what is hopefully a "point" to get across.

It's after ten. I'm tired. I am going to post this and toddle off to bed. Perhaps tomorrow I will flip a coin to see which series to write about. If anyone has any thoughts on this, I would certainly welcome any and all.....g'night.....

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