Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More From Frank Laubach

And today, while sitting in the Marketplace Cafe at Wegmans, waiting for my daughter, I read more from Letters By a Modern Day Mystic.  It is actually quite profound.  I find myself marking passage after passage.  Like what?  So glad you asked....

But this year I have started out trying to live all my waking moments in conscious listening to the inner voice, asking without ceasing, "What, Father, do you desire said? What, Father, do you desire done this minute?"

It is clear that this is exactly what Jesus was doing all day every day. But it is not what His followers have been doing in very large numbers.

Sadly, we have not....and aren't we much more likely to tell him what we want done rather than asking him what HE wants done....
And I am yawning like crazy so the peanut gallery's commentary will close for the day.  I am going to paste a few more quotes from Letters By a Modern and invite you to comment. 

And I know that He makes my thought--life beautiful when I am open all the day to Him. If I throw these mind--windows apart and say to God, "what shall we think of now?" he answers always in some graceful, tender dream. And I know that God is love hungry, for he is constantly pointing me to some dull, dead soul which he has never reached and wistfully urges me to help Him reach that stolid, tight shut mind. Oh God, how I long to help you with these Moros. And with these Americans! And with these Filipinos! All day I see souls dead to God look sadly Out of hungry eyes. I want them to know my discovery! That any minute can be paradise, that any place can be heaven! That any man can have God! That every man does have God the moment he speaks to God, or listens for him!


The moment I turn to Him it is like turning on an electric current which I feel through my whole being.


Ah, God, what a new nearness this brings for Thee and me, to realize that Thou alone canst understand me, for Thou alone knowest all! Thou art no longer a stranger, God! Thou art the only being in the universe who is not partly a stranger! I invite others inside but they cannot come all the way. Thou art all the way inside with me--here--and every time I forget and push Thee out, Thou art eager to return!

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