Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Random Web Journey (more on Frank Laubach)

While researching Frank Laubach, I came upon a copy of a sermon preached at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer....purely by happenstance.  And, proving once again, that truth can even be found all over the internet....through doors we might never darken without google leading us on.  The sermon was preached by Revernd Don Pieper. He said a few things I found note (blog?) worthy.  He also included several quotes from Laubach...and a bit of his history.

Probably the statement that got me thinking was really very simple...

I  don’t know about you, but listening to God is not so easy for me.  I’m so used to doing all the talking in this relationship

Isn't that the truth!!!  So often we come to God with our mouths wide open and our ears shut tight!!!  We do not come as Frank Laubach did, humbly seeking.....

 "God what have you to put into my mind now if only I can be large enough?"

We come to him rattling on about this, that and the other thing...and do not pause long enough to listen to the still small voice we are drowsing out with our incessant chattering.  We totally ignore the directive to "Be Still and know that I am God." 

In this sermon, Pieper talked about an experiment his church was "trying out" called the 60 x 60 Experiment. Sort of a modern day version of The Game of Minutes.  Instead of thinking of God once every minute like Laubach urged us to do...the goal is to seek God once every hour. There is a web site dedicated to this endeavor, although it seems kind of unfinished.  But there are a few interesting links and an interactive topical scripture finder thingamajig (in the highly technological descriptive words of my grandfather)

So check it out if you have the inclination.  Or perhaps, even though it may sound hokey, set an alarm...on your watch, your cell phone, outlook express if you are on the computer all day like I am....for once every 60 minutes.  Direct your thoughts to God.  No telling what might happen.  What were the words to that infamous Alka Seltzer commercial?  Try it, you'll like it?   

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