Monday, August 31, 2009

Rosaries of the Divine Union web site.....

While researching this series, I came upon an article entitled Resting In God...An Interview with Fr. Thomas Keating, OSCO by Anne A. Simpson on the Rosaries of Divine Union website. 

The website is unique...for me anyway....because it is written from a very Catholic, contemplative perspective.  The introduction page talks about two subjects that are mainly associated with Catholicism.  The Rosary and Mary.  Perhaps in some future "series" I will post about some of the thoughts piqued in my brain as I read at this site.  It is all somewhat of a mystery to me since I am not Catholic.  I don't know much about the Catholic faith even though I have known many Catholics and have been related (and even married to) to Catholics. 

I've seen rosaries.  I always thought they were very lovely and I know that there is more to them spiritually than the penance my ex associated with them....doing multi "Hail Mary's" and "Our Father's."  I learned most of what I know about Catholicism from sarcastic jokes he used to tell about his experiences with the nuns and the priests in a very strict Catholic elementary school.   He was raised Catholic but  because of inconsistencies and doubts.....and the near abuse he endured during his early school years,  he is definitely not a practicing Catholic. 

I guess I have always thought of Catholicism as a very legalistic faith....but Keating developed his methods of comtemplative prayer within the Catholic faith.  In the interview (which I will talk about in the next few posts) he talks about the similarities with Zen meditation.  There are similarities.  One of the big differences however, that I see is that Zen attempts to connect/lose oneself in the "Void" while contemplative/centering prayer seeks to connect with God.  Big difference imo. 

I would very much welcome any comments or insights into the Catholic faith and especially experiences with the rosary....

Gotta' run.  First day back to work in 9 days.....ugh.

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