Sunday, August 9, 2009

Still More...Part 2

In another article I came across....found on talks a bit more about the distrust of the Maranao people.  Not only had missionaries tried to shove Christianity down their throats since the days of 1521, they had other reasons to distrust them.  According to the article (taken from Clarity Magazine)

Five years previously, some of the Christian Filipino teachers who had come to Dansalam either did not know Moslem customs or chose to flout them.  They became intimate with some of the Moro schoolgirls.  Several of the teachers were killed and at least fifty of the schools were burned down. 

Unsuspectingly, Laubach had walked into an atomosphere of suspicion and explosive hatred, everywhere he went he was met with hostility and indifference.  After a month he had to acknowledge to himself that he was beaten. 

Every evening he hiked up Signal Hill...praying the whole way up and back.  One evening God spoke to him....and the answer, surprisingly came out of his own mouth.  It was his own voice...saying God's words.  

My child you have failed because you do not really love these Moros.  You feel superior to them because you are white.  If you can forget you are an American and think only how I love them, they will respond.

Laubach answered, "It is the truth, God.  Drive me out of myself.  Come and take possession of me and think Thy thoughts in my mind"  And the voice said again through his own lips, "if you want the Moros to be fair to your religion, be fair to theirs.  Study the Koran with them."

The next day, he told some of the Moro priests that he wanted to study the Koran with them.  They responded eagerly, thinking he wanted to become a Moslem.  They brought with them a list of the four holy books of Islam--The Torah (the laws of Moses) the Zabur (the Psalms of David) the Kitab injil (the gospel of Jesus Christ) and the Koran of Mohammed.  Laubach explained as well as he could in their language, "From childhood I have studied the first three books on your list"

Recently, I have pondered reading through the Koran.  I've found several versions online...and even a site that allows comparisons of different versions.  In my reading, I came upon the 99 attributes of Allah....which intrigued me. Most of them are very positive attributes encompassing mercy and grace and divine love.  I want to write about some of them on this blog.  I wasn't aware, however, that Muslims consider writings other than the Koran as sacred.  The Torah, the Psalms and the Gospels.  Intriguing.  I wonder how many Christians know this? 

So Laubach, a devout Christian who never left or lost his faith...studied the Koran with the Moros priests.....

Another post about this...tomorrow....

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