Monday, August 10, 2009

A Vision?

The study of the Koran was the beginning of Laubach's literacy program...

Laubach came down the hill and told the leaders of the Moros that he wanted to study the Koran. Dialogue ensued. Barriers broke down and Laubach had the opportunity to learn their language. As he listened to their oral traditions, he realized no one had written down the language, which he proceeded to do. When the Moros saw what he had done, they begged him to teach them how to read their own language.

That was the origin of Laubach's unique literacy teaching methods, which in time enabled people all over the world to learn to read. In April 1949, Life magazine credited him with teaching sixty million people to read. He traveled extensively, well into his eighties, challenging Americans not to forget the "the silent billion" illiterate people in the world who lived for the most part in poverty and disillusionment. (Surprises Around the Bend)

During our own present economic challenges due to the recession, it might be encouraging to learn that the "Each One Teach One" Literacy Campaign Laubach is known for began because of the severe economic conditions of his era....the Depression....

The reading campaign was a great success. Over 11,000 people had learned to read that first year. However, the economic depression of the 1930's threatened to undermine his work. For lack of funds, he would have to layoff over half of his staff and cut salaries for the rest. Thus the work would be seriously crippled.

Laubach called the Moro leaders together fearful of telling them the bad news. But they determined that the work must go on, seeing it as Lanao's only hope. Thus was born the "Each One Teach One" concept--a revolutionary idea in which everyone who knew how to read must teach someone else. As Laubach saw it, nothing could be better for a newly literate person than to share his new found skill with someone else.

Over the next thirty five years his teaching methods were used successfully in one hundred and three countries, and for the first time worldwide literacy was considered a possibility.

But there's more to this guy (wondering why I haven't heard of him before this series)
He was grieved by war and the buildup of nuclear weapons....

Horrified and sickened by World War II, and the threat of a nuclear war with Russia, he was convinced that the way to win the world's heart was through "a war of amazing kindness" in which love, not bullets and bombs would be the weapons.

And he continued to have mystical experiences with God.

In the early 1950's, at age 70, Laubach had a vision of God and Christ together in a long room. Christ showed him how to deepen his minute by minute attunement by focusing deeply at the point between the eyebrows. Jesus spoke to him, saying it was time for him to take "a long stride toward becoming a full grown son of God"

"Your game with the minutes, " He said, was in the right direction, but tonight you are going beyond that game into the game with moments. To be fully grown means to spend your life, day and night, with the door wide open into the secret audience room with us."

"The audience room, " He explained, "is in front of your head. When you wish to consult us, lift up your eyes a little and there we are, not beyond the stars but just over your own eyes."

Okay...this is ripe with ideas to write about, think about, ponder. What's this between the eyebrows stuff? Isn't that the supposed location of the Ajna chakra? Associated with the pineal gland? Wow...pretty new age stuff coming from a Christian missionary....who claimed Jesus as his savior until the end of his days and never renounced Christianity....

More on the third eye tomorrow......

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