Sunday, June 28, 2009

Do No Harm...

Sometimes I don't get very far on my Internet least not very far in the direction I originally intend to go.  Isn't there a saying that declares the joy is in the journey more than the arriving at the destination.? Anyone who has ever traveled with young kids might be apt to dispute that theory....but it seems to work for me in my travels around the internet.  Today, I clicked on a link on one of the message boards where I mainly lurk.  It took me to a blog called Travis Eneix-Adventures in Atma Vichara, Aikido, Writing and Fitness which was interesting in and of itself (although not the subject of this post) You might want to make a visit to read interesting blog posts like Conditioning: You’re Soaking In It and Tripping the Intertubes. Also check out the plethora of links to sites both mainstream ( and eclectic (mojomonks1000cuts)

Following one of the links took me to the site that is the subject of this post.  Do No Harm.  Catchy title.  Don't doctors have to promise to do this?  Oh...and look how well that worked out in some cases.  But it begs the do we know what actions/reactions actually promote the cause of doing no harm...and which actions "do more harm than good?"  Sometimes "which is which" is not as glaringly obvious as we think. 

Take the doctor, for instance. A good, kind, empathetic physician who really wants to "do no harm."  Through the eyes of a child, some of the medical procedures the doctor inflicts upon his patients would certainly seem to be harmful...when in fact, in the long run, they are beneficial.  Thinking here of inoculations, surgery, amputation of cancerous body parts, stitches....

And in our personal relationships, sometimes what seems to "do no harm" is actually disguised as something more noble than it is.  What about with our kids? Lord knows I've had beaucoup trouble with one or more of my kids. I attempt to judge each infraction and less than ideal situation on a case by case basis...weighing the extenuating circumstances on the scales of justice.  Which do I choose, mercy or punishment?  Sometimes not really clear cut at all!! 

There is a comments section where guests (many of them bloggers) have posted their thoughts about the Do No Harm campaign. There are links to other sites and videos.  There is even information about free stuff.  Oh and they do not accept donations.  The following is posted in several areas of the website:

Please do not send money! We do not accept monetary donations! Please support the movement by doing no harm and if you can, please spread the “Do No Harm” message.

And so with this post, I guess I am spreading the message.....



Diane Meier said...

Thank you for your comments you left on my blog. I appreciate your thoughts.

And now, regarding your posting on do no harm, I can certainly relate as to how it's often hard to discern whether we hurt or help a situation. Sometimes when finding a baby wild animal, we don't know if the little one has been abandoned or if the mother will return. At times I've made the right decision to intervene and "help" nature, and other times my "helping" has been disastrous. That's when I must realize the situation is neither good nor bad, it simply is what it is.

Cindi said...

Hi Diane...
Thanks for stopping by...and for commenting. I plan to write about your blog in an upcoming post...specifically the post I commented on and incorporate some of the ideas I touched on in my comments.

A long time ago, my ex found two baby squirrels in the middle of an asphalt parking lot. Their eyes were barely open. He brought them home and the two of us..with the help of a friend fed followed the advice of the vet, fed them with eyedroppers and eventually introduced them back into the wild. It was sheer luck that they made it. And not only did they make it, they thrived. They were adorable. They would lay on their backs in the palm of our hands, put their little feet around the eye dropper and suck away. Sheer bliss and contentment on their little faces.

I thought briefly of making them pets, but read a few books from the library (this was long before internet access as a day to day thing) and found out they make miserable, destructive pets. I don't even think we named them.

I wouldn't want to take on a commitment like that again...with round the clock feedings etc. But they sure were cute.

Thanks again for stopping by.