Monday, June 15, 2009

Interesting Websites....Douglas Harding and more....

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent a lot of time on the computer this weekend.  I didn't have the girls...and thus did not have the responsibility of running them to and fro...fro and to.  I did get an unexpected phone call from Beth on Saturday.  She missed her bus to work. Ugh.  Could I get her?  Ugh. Ugh.  But I did.  That took a two hour chunk out of the day...all told...but included a stop at Sam's for gas, and at Wegman's for a few groceries and a quick stop to drop something off for Emily.  And it still left a good bit of internet time, time that I most surely took advantage of. And in so doing, I found all kinds of delightful treasures.  Here are several more of my fabulous finds that I want to share here.

On one of the lists where I mainly lurk, someone mentioned Douglas Harding.  Hmmmmm...."and just who is Douglas Harding," I said to myself....and then off I went, via google to answer my own question. 

I came upon his site, The Headless Way.  It has lots of teachings by Harding and others who have adopted his way.  Harding is dead and there was a pretty interesting article written by Richad Lang called "Douglas Dying"....a quick read, well worth it...

In the article's section, I also came across a writing called "Harding's Way" and I was almost to the end of the article when I realized the author was in prison...quite likely for the rest of his life. His name...his pen name, that is....J. C. Amberchele. He writes from a Buddhist paradigm.

He has authored several other articles available on the Internet--The Light That I Am and Freedom.  He has also authored two books.  One also titled "The Light That I Am" and another, a work of "fiction," entitled "How You Lose."  It chronicles the life of a young girl who witnessed her father's murder and who was also shot and left for dead.  The crime was committed by a drugged up "kid."  Proceeds from this book go to victim's rights.  Perhaps in this book, there are biographical insights into Amberchele's life.  This is just a hunch of mine.  I really have no concrete info to support that assumption. 

There is also an article written by Richard Lang, Not In Prison, that tells of his meeting with Amberchele in the lunch room at the prison where he is incarcerated.  

Lots of stuff on these sites...worth a visit...and I gotta' run.  It is Monday morning, afterall...and duty/work calls. 

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