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Interesting Website - Enlightened Spirituality

I happened upon the Enlightened Spirituality website via a post and a link on a message board where I sometimes lurk called "The Now For You Forum" Following is self description from the website:

[Begun in September 2006, this richly informative website has over 90 original essays (some short, some long, equivalent to more than 1,000 printed pages total) and several dozen photos and sacred images for viewing, with no bothersome ads and only one commercial webpage (for our Wake Up Press). Enjoy!]

Explore one of the Internet's most extensive websites on truly healthy and enlightened Spirituality, awakening to nondual Awareness, a profound theology of God, the lives and teachings of sages and saints, and many articles on our mystical traditions, world religions, powers of Consciousness, emotional healing, styles of meditation, sacred relationships, conscious dying into Eternal life, spiritualized politics, wonders of science, spiritual humor, and more.

Extensive is right.  Lots and lots and lots of stuff to read here.  Following are the main subheadings on the site...with explanations and descriptions of what is discussed there.  This is taken  verbatim from the website.

Nondual or mystical spirituality--Mysticism, "a transcendental form of common sense" (as G.K. Chesterton put it), is a hot trend today, especially in its nondual mode. Discover the way to intuitively awaken to the One Truth of God or Pure Awareness, while avoiding the "depersonalization" pitfall or confusion over the "two truth levels." In short, learn to discern authentic nondual spirituality from "neo-" or "pseudo-nonduality." When selfishness fully drops off, when there is utter relaxing of all "knots of the heart," one discovers the blissfully Infinite God-Self, wonderfully beyond all yet within all. As sage Nisargadatta Maharaj of Bombay so beautifully stated the balanced spiritual life to us, "Wisdom says I am nothing; Love says I am everything." Many readers have found especially helpful here the short essay Our Real Nature and the long section on Questions & Answers on Nondual Spiritual Awakening, as well as the teachings of illustrious Indian sages Nisargadatta, Ramana Maharshi, and Jnaneshvar, Japanese Zen master Bankei, and British sage Douglas Harding also featured at this Nondual Spirituality section.

• Healthy and unhealthy spirituality--Distinguish empowering, highly functional spiritual life from dis-empowering, dysfunctional "cultism," and discern healthy from unhealthy theologies. Explore a truly empowering panentheist model of God (no mere theism or pantheism), as well as a major new schema on religion outlining the 12 different spiritual temperaments. Learn useful criteria for optimal well-being (that is, find out the real goal of spiritual life) and also "how spirituality is so very good for you" on so many levels.

• Soul-full spirituality--Here, we focus on the soul-level in our Reality as body-mind-soul-Spirit, and examine parapsychology studies of psi powers and thanatology evidence from five different research-angles to find out "what survives?" "what awaits the soul on the 'other side'?" and "what is conscious dying and Eternal Life beyond being a separate soul, i.e., as Spirit?" Learn, too, about dealing with and fully releasing powerful emotions, and explore an ancient map of the six different kinds of karma/ego-tendencies to understand why people behave the way they do and why our real goal is not some "heaven" but complete God-Realization, waking up from the dream of being a born/dying/reincarnating "me."

• Engaged spirituality--Whereas mysticism is awakening to our True Identity as Infinite Awareness, the Open-Free "I," engaged spirituality is compassionately opening unto the "I" that is "We." This website section features a long Sun magazine interview from 2003 with Timothy Conway on engaged and mystic spirituality; an op-ed piece written after 9/11, featured in the Gandhi Institute periodical, on how to peacefully resolve the terrorism issue; an eye-opening essay on liberation theology and the Vatican's official Catholic radically progressive economic doctrine (largely censored in the U.S. news media); excerpts from Timothy's forthcoming book Healing Our World; and Mahatma Gandhi on nonviolence and being a satyagrahi, a "truth force" peace-person who remedies injustices with justice and fairness, compassion and courage.

• Religion and spirituality--At this largest subdomain of our website, read many informative and detailed essays on the histories of our different religions, with key sages and saints, important insights and terms, extensive bibliographies and lovely images. You'll also find besides these overview essays on the different religions a number of substantial presentations on the lives and teachings of our most eminent spiritual leaders and their teachings, including the Buddha, Jesus, Lao Tzu and Chuang Tzu, John Scottus Eriugena, St. Francis of Assisi, Meister Eckhart, John of the Cross, Bayazid Bistami, Hakim Sanai, Qadir al-Jilani, Jalaluddin Rumi, Jnaneshvar, Milarepa, Bankei, Moshe Cordovero, the Ba'al Shem Tov, and others from our Great Traditions. See, too, a few excerpts from Our Religions' Future, the final work in Timothy's trilogy to be published in the "Spirituality in the New Millennium" series.

• Relationship spirituality--Realize how the God-Self or Pure Awareness always transcends yet includes relationship. So, what is this nondual Self in its relationship-dance? What is healthy commitment, communication and peacemaking? What is it to fulfil the commandment of Torah and Rabbi Jesus to "love thy neighbor as thySelf?" Check out a relational form of "self-enquiry": "My partner's bodymind personality seems 'over there'—but where is my partner's true Awareness?"

• Science and spirituality--Behold our universe's uncanny anomalies, veritable "cosmic miracles," and how one famous atheist scientist concluded: "a super-intellect has monkeyed with physics, as well as chemistry and biology." A provocative survey for Nature magazine showed nearly 50% of scientists believe in a "personal" God, suggesting that many more scientists believe either in this or a more sophisticated "transpersonal" idea of God. Find out why neither materialism or contemporary "intelligent design" camps offer satisfactory models for this dreamlike cosmos. Peruse excerpts from a second volume of the trilogy in preparation, Spirit, Science & Deep Wonder. Moreover, in our tragically "dumbed-down era," see what it means to think carefully and critically, for instance, how to determine the validity of truth-claims--fact or fiction? Finally, an essay on miracles and paranormal powers is available for reading, with great bibliographies on physics, cosmology, parapsychology, healing, and other topics; and see a paper on one particularly well-studied and extensively applied psi power—remote viewing.

• Meditation and Spirituality--There are several styles of meditation from which to choose: convergent-concentrative meditation; divergent-"opening" (witnessing, mindfulness) meditation; wisdom meditation; devotional meditation (Divine surrender); and self-inquiry (Who/What am I?). And of course there are different levels of "depth" in meditation and meditative living. You can also open to the “highest” meditation of spontaneously being meditated by the Divine in pure experiencing, beyond effort and structure.

• Spiritual humor--A ton of funny items and favorite jokes, collected over the years or sent to me by friends and family. Recall another gem from theologian G.K. Chesterton, who said "angels can fly because they take themselves lightly!" While "devils" fall from grace due to serious, heavy pride and greed. There's also now a link at this subdomain to a distinct webpage on Zen humor, with classical tales and hilarious paintings from China and Japan.

• Aesthetic spirituality--Here, beyond words, you'll find original photos of nature and sacred art images old and new--that is, if we can get enough bandwith down the road for this website. With enough space, we can even include some sacred music. [Please check in 2009 for this domain to come online.]

Timothy Conway (no not Tim Conway from Carol Burnett claim to fame...) is the owner of the site.  Well traveled, well read, Ph.D...he knows of what he speaks.  Do visit the site.  I poked around there for several hours...reading some of his (many, many)essays and quotes from mystics of old...Jewish, Muslim, Sufi, excerpts from the Tao, The Gospel of Thomas and the four Gospels...Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Philosophy and Psychology, East and West...I could go on and on.  If you are into "interfaith" and non dualism, this site is for you!!


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