Thursday, March 26, 2009


It doesn't seem like it was 2002 when "Jesus" appeared on the cover of Popular Mechanics.  I vaguely remember seeing this picture on TV...based on the work of a forensic anthropologist named Richard Neave.  I came across it again while looking for pictures of the Last Supper for my last post.

I've looked at this picture of Jesus for a long time...thinking about him at the Tomb of Lazarus, with the demoniac, and the cripple at the pool at Bethesda, writing in the sand, sitting by the well.  I kind of like this Jesus. 

Of course, it is not an actual depiction of him...but rather...similar to what he probably looked like, based on the appearance of other men in that same time period, a typical Galilean Semite....who was probably about 5'1" tall and weighted about 110 pounds. Perhaps Jesus was a little guy?  I'm not sure how I feel about a Jesus that is smaller than me.  Which is the title of an article I came across on Dad's Day Off - Non Orthodox Biblical Christian Truth. (Interesting site)

Are You Prepared To Bow Down
Before This 5' 1" Man
As Your Lord?


If Jesus did look a lot like this (and I think he did) it does go to show that God does not need a glamorous vessel in which to house the fullness of his spirit.  It says in Hebrews that Jesus was like us in every way.  Nothing spectacular on the outside...nothing to differentiate him from all the other disciples (isn't that why Judas had to point him out to the Roman soldiers?  Because his appearance was strikingly similar to the rest of the disciples?) When I think about Jesus, I'm going to conjure up this image in my mind.  He looks real to me.  Familiar....just like one of us. 


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Sue said...

I often think about this picture. Thanks for revisiting it, I was just wondering about it again the other day! :)

Yes, what's that line in Isaiah about "there is no beauty that we should desire him"? I like that thought.

5'1"? Wow :) That's so short :)