Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spiritual Dictionary

On a site called Jesus Religion, I came across a work in progress….a dictionary with spiritual definitions of kingdom terms. The site seems to focus on the Christ in you/as you theme. Most of the articles urge us to look within to find God. The dictionary reflects that way of seeing things. A few of the definitions that caught my eye…..

Born-again - A change in perspective that occurs when one begins to believe that he (or she) may be able to hear God for himself (or herself) and begins looking anew inwardly to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and no longer outwardly for truth.

Christ - God and man operating as One.

Crucify - to kill the idea of God and man operating as One.

Fallen - to speak, act or operate as led by the carnal mind and five senses...contrary to being enlightened, which is to speak, act or operate through the leading of the Holy Spirit from within the person.

Forgiveness - to let go and be released from the bondage of the past and live in the now.

Heaven - the "higher" place; the realm of spirit.

Hell - the state of mind believing it is separate from God and others; trapped in beliefs contrary to truth on either side of the

Now - Today.  What truly exists, exists Now, or Today.  The Past no longer exists and the Future is not in existence; to live in the Past or Future is to be bound in illusion.  What is true and eternal exists Today...Now and always will.

Religion - man's (or another's) false beliefs and teachings regarding God and His relationship with mankind; appears as truth, but is the "broad way which leads unto destruction."

Satan - "adversary;" anything contrary to truth, but specifically the mind of man as led by the physical realm through the five senses

World - from the greek word "kosmos," from which we get the word "cosmetic."  An illusion.  A covering which "masks" the truth.

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