Monday, November 23, 2009

Christ Follower vs. Christian....

Digressing from the holiday topic at hand....

The following quote that I found in my inbox this morning goes along with a post I wrote recently about following Jesus.  87 Times Jesus said...Follow me.  I think one can believe all the "right doctrines" about Jesus...yet show no outward evidence of this belief in the way they live their life. 

The quote also brings to mind the series of You Tube videos that parody the Mac vs PC commercial...Christ Follower vs Christian.  If you have not seen them it is worth a visit to You Tube to check them out!!

But anyway...following is the Merton Quote....

"Christian faith in the full sense of the word, is not just the
acceptance of 'truths about' Christ.  It is not acquiescence in the
story of Christ with its moral and spiritual implications. It is not
merely the decision to put into practice, to some extent at least, the
teachings of Christ.  All these forms of acceptance are compatible with an acquiescence in what is 'not Christ.'  It is quite possible to
'believe in Christ' in the sense of mentally accepting the truth that he lived on earth, died, and rose from the dead, and yet still live, 'in the flesh,' according to the standards of a greedy, violent, unjust and corrupt society, without noticing any real contradiction in one's life."

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