Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More From Poor Old God, He Always Gets the Blame

In a post a few days ago, I mentioned the book, Poor Old God, He Always Gets the Blame.  Following are a few more snippets from the book.

Do you have two Gods? does seem that most Christians do have two Gods.  The God we see in Jesus and the God depicted in the Old Testament. I've written about this before...HERE. Scroll down past the post on homosexuality if that doesn't interest you.  Below that there are a bunch of posts about the OT God (or as an avowed atheist on the Beliefnet forum refers to him...about BibleGod)

The God of your heart and the God of your intellect?

Does the God you talk to match the God you talk about?

I once had two Gods. 

For 31 years I lived my life with two Gods--one filling me with terror, misery and despair; the other with ecstasy.

She goes on to talk about how she thinks the Bible perpetrates these two views of two gods. 

Thus we are left with a God of contradiction--with two Gods: the God of our heart and the god of our intellect.

Following these two Gods is bewildering.  They leave us in a quandary about the meaning of love.  One the one hand, the Bible tells us that Christ called us to love on another as God loves us, to love our neighbor as we love ourself, to turn the other cheek and to keep the Commandments; while on the other hand, it instructs us to fear the Lord and portrays a god who is worthy of fear by telling us the He flooded the world, destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and drowned the Egyptians.  Loving as God loves seems impossible.  What should we do? Should we do as God says?--or do as God does?

That is our quandary isn't it?  Should we do as God says?--or do as God does?  For me..I've solved the dilemma by filtering everything through what is revealed about Jesus in the Scriptures...the image of the invisible God.  "If you've seen me, you've seen the Father."  I definitely am not the WWJD poster girl but at least I know what God is not by seeing who God Jesus. 

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