Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Sonship Tag...

The other day it occurred to me that I should probably explain one of the tags I use the most frequently on this blog...the Sonship tag

I found UR shortly after I became a Christian via Tentmaker while searching out the differences between arminianism and calvinism.  Tentmaker came up in the search engine results.  I don't think I stayed very long the first visit but I did save it in my favorites and went back to it at a later date.  How later, I can't remember.  But I went back and even though at first I was very skeptical, it did not take long to become (as William Barclay proclaims) a convinced universalist. 

I began to participate on the message board...and became cyber buds with several people on the board.  Two in particular.  Roy and Keith.  Roy is still a friend, although contact is sometimes quite sporadic...and Keith.  Yep...the same Keith I mention on this blog all the time...the Canadian guy I'm married to. 

It was mainly those two who shaped my early understanding of universal reconciliation.  Their beliefs were very similar...and both recommended teachers such as Preston Eby and Ray Prinzing.  I listened to quite a few Ray Prinzing tapes in the beginning of this journey.  Their teachings focused on the "elect"...the first fruits...the believers who were destined to become the "manifested sons of God" who would eventually set creation free. 

"Sonship" is similar to learning to live out of the christ nature as opposed to the carnal nature.  To become progressively aware of your true nature.  In the teachings of Eby and Prinzing this is a process orchestrated by God..."training for reigning." 

That's not exactly what I mean when I use the sonship tag...and it is amazingly hard to pin down an exact definition especially since my beliefs have evolved.  More on that tomorrow.  In the meantime, you can check out this page of links to some of the Sonship ministries.

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