Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Odd Man Out...

I've evolved a lot since I started this blog a couple of years ago.  It seemed as if God dropped the name and the idea into my head.  I had a few blogs prior to this...and made some random, haphazard posts but never really stuck with it.  They reside somewhere in cyber space (or in the case of AOL Journals...which shut its doors last year, the "archives" are archived here on my computer) This one...Mercy Not Sacrifice...was different. 

But I have changed a lot since the inception of this blog...when "sonship" seemed a very appropriate tag.  I think I've probably become a lot more pluralistic...and I guess I've taken Universalism to the next (in my opinion...logical) step.  I still see our relationship with God...our maturing process...as sonship but I don't think my definition would match the definition of Eby, or Prinzing...or Roy...or Keith.  

I have been a Christian for about 11 or 12 years (cannot remember exactly) but I don't remotely fit into the Christian stereotype. I do not confine my beliefs to any one set doctrine, creed or dogma. I don't limit my spiritual reading/exploration/ponderments to just those shelves in the bookstore labeled "Christian."  I have been told that I am blown about by every weird doctrine that comes along. Not so...but I am not afraid to look for truth anywhere and everywhere the Spirit leads me. I am evolving in my beliefs at what sometimes seems breakneck speed. And even though I still consider myself a Christian, I am way too new agey for most standard party line Christians.


....because I claim Christianity as my "home" faith and Jesus as my savior and because God speaks to me through the Bible, I don't really fit with many who are on a different spiritual path than Christianity. Thus, the title of this post....Odd Man Out. I often feel as if I don't belong anywhere.

I participate on more than several (but less than many) forums with varying focuses...some are very traditional and some are more new agey.  I think perhaps when the more new agey folks check out the link to this blog (which I usually include in my signature) the very traditional picture (Forgiven) and scripture quoted in the header...might turn them off.  Yet, at the same time, I think when traditional Christians visit, the topics I write about sets off the "slippery slope" alarm. 

I don't exactly fit anywhere...which is sometimes a very lonely place to be. 


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