Friday, May 8, 2009

More about what Jesus showed us.....

More on what Jesus showed us about living in the kingdom of God here and now by a man whose writings I came across for the first time just a few months ago. Floyd Watson. His website is called Stones of Fire. He has quite a few writings on his website….and several audio messages available on Sigler’s Kingdom Ministries site.  He had many more writings planned...and you will find some of the buttons lead to a blank page. It makes me wonder what he might have said on some of those topics (like Meditation and The Mystery of Godliness....and others) if he had gotten the opportunity.  I'm sure though...being "there" (in that other realm) he would not choose to come back to this one.....

The writing I am quoting from is a letter, written by Floyd to his children, when their grandfather (his dad) died. It is one of those ironies of life that not all that long after Floyd also passed into the next realm. He died unexpectedly after recovering from a stroke and other health problems.

Now he knows first hand “of what he speaks”

That’s why Jesus came …to be the pattern for our lives. How to love, how to show mercy, patience, kindness, forgiveness and live in a realm of peace. Religion has painted a picture that’s all wrong…making it heaven or hell… but we know you can have either NOW in this life. It’s the attitude of the heart. God lives within every man for He made all in His likeness and image and while most still walk in the dream world (or Matrix) some are beginning to awaken to find this life….The “I AM” of our BE-ing.

We are His offspring and are beginning to act like Him and walk like Him and only do the things we see Him do….Remember Jesus said, “I only come to reveal the Father.”

Floyd's writings are very Tolle-ish...but from a more Christian perspective. 

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