Sunday, May 17, 2009

More on the Secret Place...

The other night I had to pick Beth up from work so Em and and I hit the Border's book store. We had about an hour to kill. She went to the teen section and I headed right to the Psychology section to finish reading the section of Yogananda's writing about dwelling in the Secret Place of the Most High.

Behind the kind or unkind voice of everyone he hears the truthful voice of the infinite. Behind the wise or helter skelter will of everyone he hears perceives the constancy of the will of God. Behind all human loves he feels the supreme love of God. What a wonderful existence, when all of God’s disguises are cast off and the devotee is face to face with the infinite, in blissful oneness of Divine communion.

Be always intoxicated with the Divine, with the wave of your consciousness ever at rest on the bosom of the Eternal Sea. When one is kicking and splashing about in the water, there is little consciousness of the ocean itself, but of the struggle. But when one lets go and relaxes, the body floats, it feels in its buoyancy the whole sea lapping around it.

That is the way the calm devotee feels God, with the whole universe of Divine Happiness rocking gently beneath his consciousness. God’s kingdom is within you; He is within you. Just behind your perceptions, just behind your thought, just behind your feelings, He is.

Every grain of food you eat, every breath you take is God. You are not living by food or oxygen, but by the Cosmic Word of God. All powers of mind and action you use are borrowed from God. Think of Him all the time before you act, while you are engaged in activity, and after activity. In fulfilling your duty to man, remember foremost your duty to God, without whose delegated power no duties are possible. Feel him behind your senses of sigh, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Feel his energy in the arms and legs and feet. Feel him as life in each exhalation and inhalation. Feel his power in your will; His wisdom in your brain; His love in your heart. Wherever God’s presence is consciously felt, mortal ignorance melts away.

Those who are wise never miss their daily engagement with God.

Keith and I are in Ontario this weekend visiting his family and old friends who comprised his life before I snatched him away to the states. Computer time is sporadic and somewhat limited...but more thoughts spurred on from these thoughts....tomorrow....

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